June 09, 2012


Through photography, I would like to convey that “ordinary” things can be beautiful if we love them, and especially, if we appreciate them. The leaves, our hands, anything in this world — especially the ones that are God’s creatures, have emotions. I would like to express that small things around us are mesmerizing if we are willing to see and to feel more than we usually do. - Andra Alodita

June 06, 2012


HEYYYOOOOOO!!!! finally, i can post again!! it has been a hectic month! and u know what, as i told u before I WATCHED NKOTBSB ON JUNE 1ST!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!! IT'S REALLY AWESOME . THE BEST CONCERT THAT I'VE EVER HAD!!!!! THANK YOU NKOTBSB!!!! and I'm really happy because FINALLY I CAN SEE BSB RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES LIKE AAAAAAWWWW!!!! and u know what the best moment was : BRIAN LITTRELL WAVED AT ME AND SHAKED MY HAND! IT'S LIKE DREAM COME TRUE OH MY GOD! I CAN'T BELIEVE IT:).i've been waiting for them for like 4 years. and it's really worth to wait! words can't describe how i feel when brian just shaked my hand. Until now i can't move on. really. :( I STILL MISS YOU BOYS!! eventough nick carter didn't wave at me or shake my hand, but i still love him. and they are really handsome.. wait i have a nickname for them : HOT DADDY :* . seriously they're hot and wow. u know, they're really energic . i love everything about that night and i'll never forget that. because that night is one of my best night. and thank you guys for coming to Indonesia, u know i thought that u'll never come to indonesia again. but you did!! and i was just like thank GOD for listening to my prayer. maybe this year was your last visit to indonesia. well, i couldn't be more sad:( and i just wanna say UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN :(:):) I've had a great time and it's fun. at least i can see ur face really close :) I WISH I CAN MEET YOU GUYS AGAIN NEXT TIME IN INDONESIA OR OTHER COUNTRY! AMEN :) Now i'm gonna share some photos and a video : this . Brian just came to my camera and waved! :) Nick carter :* NKOTBSB :) BACKSTREET BOYS ME! AJ wore damn i love indonesia! brian waved at me on 1:21