August 26, 2011


Cannot wait. cannot wait. there's so many questions in my mind like: how's stefan? elena?damon?. WILL stefan and elena come back together and live happily ever after?:):) (i guess the answer is yes but later wkwkw cause if they live happily ever after it means the serial is over and I DON'T WANT IT! . and is damon die? and I GUESS i SAY that : damon won't die. if damon dies, the SHOW DIE. wkwkwk
and.. how's blair with his charming prince? is she gonna end up with chuck again? HAHA. and please serena come back to dan. u both really awesome together:):)
and chuck!!! hahaha the new intersect is morgan it's gonna be ridiculous. aaaa really really can't wait. hope the season premiere is gonna be awesome :)

August 26, 2011

do u know. it's awkward when u meet ur old friends and don't know what to talk cause you don't have any to talk about. like awkward . really. i've been there. we used to talk anything that happened in our life. but now? ehm, well i just don't know where to start cause we really long time no see, no talk, no say hi. when i met my old friends. i like "what. i really don't know u anymore" . or u know there so much opinion in my mind. so much. like: "wow. u're now bigger than me or waw u're in college or blablabla". we are not connected anymore. cause distance separate us. well i don't blame u or me. cause it just happened. maybe we're just too busy to chat or talk. sometimes it made me sad. u know, we used to be bestfriend but now. (...)
there's time that u think again that friends really important to ur life. to share about ur experience, to share about happiness,sad. to play anything together. and there's time that u don't even close to ur friends anymore and that make you feel sad.
there's so many question in our mind like :" do u still remember our experience?", " am i mean something to u?" or " am i still ur bestfriend?" that.
i'm just to shy to ask for those question cause it is really awkward. -_-

August 17, 2011


there are so many things happen in this month.. for example: ramadhan, my sist's bday, and my bdaaay~~~
well, it went pretty well~ u know, my fav month of the year is this month cause , i feel like this month is always be the best month :P uhmm know i want to tell u 'bout my bday in August 12th... well, it went well and thx for my friends that still care about me :) hahah
ehm, when i went to school and went to my class, yea as usual. my friends sang me a happy birthday song haha. but there's someone that kinda not care and just ignored me OR PRETEND to ignore me hahahaha. she is asih. she's my classmate, she's sooooo annoying V. but she's kind wkwkw well the school day went well nothing special until i checked my bag to take my phone and I FOUND OUT my phone was lost. well, wkwk at first i panicked but then i thought well maybe there's one of my friends that hide it. u know the very first person that i thought would hide my phone is ASIH hahah cause she acted weird. and until the bell rang(means the school is over) , my phone hadn't came back to me :( and ASIH (again) forced me to meet my friend (inez) . i had no idea. and we met inez. then i chatted with my friend(sharyne) and asih had a little conversation with inez. AND! i asked to asih if she hide my phone and she denied it (of course) then i checked her bag and my phone was not there! AA so panicked. and suddenly, inez just took sumthin' in her bag and u know what she took, it's my phone... AA then i yelled at her wkwkwkw.
and,, u know in the evening . I invited my friends to come to pizza hut just to celebrate it. andddd my friends gave me earphone WKWK for the gift well thanks:* and also gave me this :

aa thxxxx:* (L)

anddd thxxx so muchh (anti,sinta,nadia,ilfa,widy,inez,sharyne) for comingggg and the giftttt! :*:* i really appreciate it {}

andd i also got other gift frm inezsharyne:):) it's PEACE bracelet aawww:) they just know it:) wkwkw here's :

once again thxxx all :*