February 18, 2011

All about dessert!!!!!

I LOVE DESSERT SO MUCCHHHHH!!!!!!! i love cake, macaroon,fruit,cream,chocolate,milk shake,ice cream, ooowwww that's just sooo yummmy!
SO HEAVEN!!!!!!!! :D Here I show yall!!!!!

O M G they look DELICIOUS!!!!!! aaaaa i'm craving for they. me lovey :P <3<3<3

February 16, 2011

Life or Death

Konon katanya ketika seseorang dalam kehidupan mati atau hidup,ia akan melihat potongan-potongan / cuplikan2 kejadian selama hidupnya, orang2 yang disayanginya, secara acak dan tidak menentu alurnya. hm guess that i took it from a novel and a tv series. well, maybe that's right. u know when u in a hard situation that the only think u can think is people that important to u. be there for u in ur life. guess that we don't know what happen next in 5 minutes later. so we have to pray that we will be good.
All that we have to do is complete our tasks in the world. i mean like : reach ur goal, be whatever u want to be, be good to people and the other. well. that's not easy things to do . So we must work hard to do it.
When we woke up we have to thank God that we still alive. we still have a chance to do whatever we want to do in the world. so we must appreciate it and do our best!
Everyday, we must think that Today's gonna be our day! just enjoy it and see what happen next :)

Don't let one annoying thing ruin ur day!

February 14, 2011

My fav songs (for now)

- Maroon5 - Misery!!!!!! enakkk lagunya *emang dimakan. oke garing haha.
- Far East Movement - Like a G6!
- Colbie Caillat - What I wanted to say
- Justin Bieber - One time
- Black Eyed Peas - The Time
- Matthew West - Family Tree
- Maroon 5 - Harder To Breathe

so that's all! enjoy xoxo bisou bisou :*

what is a true friend?

hm "true friend" is a friend that u can count on to laugh,cry, with u. be there for u through it's a good or bad time. that is true friend. well. sometimes there's some people say that : we're BFF, your my best friend!, ur my wing man, or other. but do u still believe that BFF is forever i mean, nothing's forever, forever is a lie, all we have is what's between hello and goodbye! well that's qoutes that i took it somewhere but! it's not wrong at all.
ex. what's the difference between buddies and true friend? buddies is a friend that come and go. but true friend is A REALLY true friend that no matter how far u're seperated. u're still friends i mean close friends.
true friend is hard to find. but i believe true friend will come to u. they always support u and Do not forget about u. they always remember about u eventhough that u're hardly ever meet them
I hate everyone that always said: U're my bff! I love u and i never forget about our friendship blah blah blah
but in fact, after a few years later. THEY FORGET ABOUT U! omg. what kind a friend of that?
one thing: true friends is sharing each other. and loving each other!

xoxo, cesa

How I Met Your Mother

hahahaha!!!!!! in this post i will post bout how i met ur mother!!! aaa that show is soooooo funnny!!!!! barney stinson is ridiculous omg. wkwkw he's hillarious,he's funny!
hmm and in that show not only fun but actually in every episode there's some qoutes that's really good ...... i luv this show. at first, i think this show is boring, garing, wkwkw. but when i try to watch it then! it's really a good show <3
new episode: OH HONEEEYYY~~ HAHA it's very funnnyyyyy. OMG WKWKW there's katy perry as HONEY. wkwk u must watch it~!!!!!!!!
i love the scene when :
Barney : Who's ur daddy?
Honey: oh, who's ur daddy?
Barney: *sobbing* i don't know!!! so i wrote him a letter and i poured my heart out. and he still hasn't called me *crying*
Honey: Oh Honey!


and when in the three days rule episode when ted texting with holly :

You like architecture? We should get married. Haha. LOL. Just kidding?" Barney read from the phone.
He made a crazy, way-too-soon trip trip suggestion. "I like beer, too. We should totally go to Germany together. LOL. jk. LOL." Barney read.
He got way too personal, way too soon. "Yeah, my parents got divorced a couple years back. It was really tough," Barney read. "LOL."
"OK, he clearly doesn't know what LOL means," Robin concluded.


February 06, 2011


Nail Polish

my fav nail polish . and i think they're cool so check it out:


hmm. well today i'm gonna post about fashion! haha hm they are :

February 02, 2011