November 17, 2009

Pandangan orang luar terhadap Indonesia..

sedih banget kalau negara kita terkenal gara-gara banyak bencananya.. hmm.. contohnya gw.. gw sedih banget kadang-kadang.. waktu itu gw pernah chat sama orang luar.. terus gw tanya dia tau Indonesia apa ga.. dia jawab: ya aku tau... yang tsunami kan?? yang bom kan?? yang gempa kan?? ... rasanya.. kok dia taunya sisi-sisi kurang dari Indonesia ya?? kenapa dia ga bilang: ya aku tau.. yang punya tari Pendet kan? ( atau tari yang lain)... hmm... sedih kan?? :(:(
ya mau gimana lagi.. bagaimana pun gw juga orang Indonesia.. kadang-kadang orang kita selalu membanggakan negara lain daripada Indonesia.. contohnya Paris: aduh Paris tuh keren banget! ada menara Eiffelnya! ih negara paling romantis!!!... klo indonesia: " aduh Indonesia tuh panas banget ya! ih udah kaya kebakar gt gw disini,, mana pengap" hmm... jauh banget kan? hahaha.. woaw! jadi.. gimana dong solusinya kalau semua org Indonesia kaya gitu?? hahaha..

November 14, 2009

My stuff

I love to collect things from the important to not important...In this post, I'll tell you about my stuff and the story.. hahaha..
It is a book that contains a birthday greeting from my friend.. My friends really nice to make this book for me..when I woke up this morning .. suddenly this book was in my room ..My mom said .. My friend's uncle brought this book when I was sleeping.. want to know the contents in the book??
This is the content:
This is a birthday greeting from my friend named Hasna.. cute! :)

This is a birthday greeting from my friend named Raeni and Christie! nice!!.. oh ya actually in a small envelope with a picture of the cloud, there was a ring ..but I don't use .. because the ring is too big for my finger .. haha so I just save it:)
SIM .. SIM is my school in Moscow .. I will never forget them!!! Miss u too..
I was happy .. my friends still remember the time my birthday .. and made this book for me! :):)

one time, my friends and I followed the singing contest..I and my friends were trained by the Russian..I think she's a bit fussy..she's also a bit friends once told me that her body odor! hahaha.. before the singing competition, she gives the tortoise ornaments .. like the above .. she said it was a charm .. yes but I just responded with a laugh.. hahaha..the tortoise is a place to put my accessories...
NAH...the tickets .. hahaah of them is the BSB concert tickets!!! hahaha ... i'll never forget that moment ... HUUUU :(:(...

nah those are my stuff ...

November 12, 2009

unforgettable experience

starts from July ..
I went to the ground moscow ..
I would stay there ..
Initially I did not know anything about moscow
I was never out of the country
time until the moscow .. I love it ..
I have never seen such a beautiful country
.. The first time I come .. I was picked up by my father at the airport ..
moscow is tantamount to Indonesia .. but I feel different when living there ..
in moscow, I will learn in the new school, to know new friends, living in the apartment, and will meet with the snow. I am very interested in it all ..
The next day I was busy with traveling ..
I went to ST.Pettersburg .. a very beautiful city .. full of history ..
until I reached the first time in school .. Initially I was a little afraid to meet new friends .. because I did not know them .. but it was not unreasonable for don't go to school ..
I school in the SIM (Indonesia moscow school) .. I am very curious about my new school .. I imagine my new school is big, a lot of students, cool .. but ... I found a small building .. and I asked my mother if it was my school? and she said yes .. I was very surprised .. all that I imagined was wrong ... My school small, like a house .. little pupil .. then I wondered about my classmates .. I found that I only have 2 of my classmates .. 1 girl 1 boy .. My female classmates rather tomboyish .. I think that she didn't likes fashion, she's like a boy .. but thought I was wrong ..
Day after day I live .. I joined in a group called TC (totally cool) .. member at that time.. we were 4 people (christie, me, hasna, raeni) .. we are friends .. I really enjoy them .. day after day .. I feel the togetherness SIM kids that I never felt in schools across Indonesia .. although I elementary school children but I'm friends with high school kids .. we were all from kindergarten through high school .. friends .. we do not know of any seniority .. we always compact .. we play the snow together, lunch together, joking together, walking together, dancing together, together, play together, all we do it together(except do exams haha).. I am very happy with the life of me .. I am including a lucky child be given the opportunity to went to Moscow .. I think Moscow is a large city .. their language was hard .. their writing is difficult to read .. the world's coldest countries .. I am very thankful for it .. in Moscow I had a driver named Andry .. he's hilarious .. he likes his own smiling .. he's really nice .. average russia unsightly face .. because they rarely smile .. the only person who liked to smile in Russia is Andry (my driver) haha ... day after day month after month I lived in the city of Moscow .. until finally I had to return to Indonesia .. honestly, I was very sad .. I already enjoy in Moscow .. but I have to go home because of my father's job is up there .. actually, I hate the farewell ..
and now I can conclude from the above experience .. that togetherness can be obtained anywhere,anytime,anyplace.. togetherness can't be replaced by anything .. :)

November 05, 2009

how's life?

hey bloggers.. how's life ??
sorry for long time no posting.. because.. last week i had exams for a week! and the result is.. yaa good! i got 93 for math ,83 for bahasa( for the first time i got 83!) hahahaa.. 83 for science , 83 for social, 96 for english! and many more! hehehe..
and then.. for my english course.. i just had a final test 2 weeks ago! and the result is.. i got 85 for speaking writing and reading.. hehehe..
Today is,,, Adhie's Birthday.. he is my brother-in-law.. Happy Belated Birthday ! wish you all the best yaaa!
aniway.. i want to story about something.. maybe you gonna be bored.. if you read my posting,,,because lately I always write about BSB.. hahaha.. because i love them very much...
so.. they tour to various countries..such as: England,Spain,Lisbon,Paris,Moscow,Japan,Spore..
but they didn't go to Indonesia!!! :(.. i'm very sad... sometimes i wish i could watch their concert again.. maybe.. their concert last year in Indonesia is the first and last concert in Indonesia.. but i hope not!!!!!! because i still want to watch their concert for the second time! hihihi.. wish me luck!
my new playlist : Nick Carter - My Confession! .. listen to it yaa :) hope you'll like it
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i gotta go now! byeee see ya in the next post!

November 02, 2009

The Things I want right now!

First, I want Backstreet Boys come to Indonesia!! I'm their Big Fans!!! Please BSB come to Indonesia.. us people here in indonesia, are really looking forward to see you guys :) especially me !!!
Second, I want watch BSB concert !! i really want to watch them!!

November 01, 2009

Nostalgia with the BSB

"Sometimes I wish I could turn back time,Impossible as it may seem"
yes i know it's impossible ! huhu.. well i wanna share my story when i watched a Concert for a first time.. The Concert was Backstreet Boys.. hihihi..
When I was at school, my friend said that the Backstreet Boys would have a concert in Moscow. I was delighted and hoped I could go to their concert ..i'm their number one fans! hahaha.. Actually at that time, I had a lot of exams..fortunately I could make it to the concert. then i asked permission to my mom. she gave me permission so that I could go to the concert with my friends and my sister..i was so happy. then my friends and I bought the tickets together. Although we only got seats in tribun, but we were very pleased and excited. getting closer and a week before the concert my teacher said that we will be have lab exams for a week.. start from Monday.. The exam time was same with bsb concert time... but I tried to keep watch!!! because that's the first time i met the backstreet boys and maybe the last time huhuhu :(.. eventually i studied harder for the test.. it's because BSB!! . day by day.. it's MAY 21st 2009 !!!! that day!!! i was so happy! then i prepared for all such as: clothes,pair of shoes and the other.. then at 3 o'clock my driver picked us up!then HERE WE GO! LET'S GO TO THE CONCERT!.. at 4 o'clock we arrived in front of MCD... from MCD we walked to the building.. ontheway to building there was something shameful!!! i can't tell this at here because it was a disgrace that people ..when we arrived at the building,, loads of people at there.. then we queued to enter into building... then we straight up into the concert hall.. very tired because we had to ask where the concert hall .. then up and down the stairs .. etc. for bsb! haha..
we finally arrived at concert hall .. we first arrived and we immediately queued to enter the concert hall hahaha.. then a few minutes later the entrance was opened.. then we went straight into the concert hall. in the concert hall was empty because we were the first to arrive.. continued several minutes later there was an opening band sing for one hour... long time.. at 8 o'clock the show is begin!!!!! we were very excited..we all shout!! called : BRIAN BRIAN!!! NICK NICK!! HOWIE HOWIE!! AJ AJ !!!!haha..during the concert we sang happily sing,shout,we didn't care if we sang with the wrong tone.. the point was: we were happy!then.. NICK CARTER IS VERY COOL!!!!! i love you :* .. when the concert seemed to end, we felt sad because we still wanted to watch the concert.. and FINALLY!!!they sang one more song.. the song was : SIBERIA!. after that.. we went home.. my voice was out because last night screaming at the concert!!!! actually the day after the concert i had bahasa and technology test! .. fortunately, test for bahasa was writing and reading not speaking! i was so lucky and my result test were good!!! i was so happy!!!! and i never forget that day that time that moment!! love ..!!!!! love you Backstreet Boys always and forever :):*
this is the picture me and this is us CD :

this is a photo for backstreet boys by me ;) :