October 04, 2009

hunting photos

i wanna share some photos that i took from my slr.. so here they are :

look! aahaha.. ya masih amatir lah..
the first photo: sunshine.. keren yah.. hihihi
the second photo: the moon .. jarang2 dpt langit biru gt haha
the third photo: sunset.. i took the photo from my yard...

October 01, 2009

hmm earthquake AGAIN ?! ck ck ck

well.. i wanna tell you about an earthquake in Sumatra Barat (Padang)..well i know it's ironic.. imagine! building are there collapse, broken! you wanna see some photos??

well see the condition.. so many people injuried,died,lost their family!Trapped or even died under the ruin because an earthquake!ck ck ck...and people in Jakarta that have family in Padang are very sad,worried because they cannot get in touch with their family in Padang...be patient if your family in Padang and cannot get in touch with them..
so many tragedy in Indonesia..example: an earthquake,tsunami and many more.. i hope it won't be happen again in this earth!