June 30, 2009

holiday ..

It's holiday now . all elemantary and junior high school students have vacation after they get their report card.. some of my friends have vacation in malaysia , jogja, sydney, bandung, etc. but.. how about me? . I just stay at my lovely home, stay cool haha.. poor me. Btw i'm so bored at home doing nothing. hahah.. but what can i do? maybe i will have a wonderful vacation one day hhaa..but i have planned such as; on 6th july me and my friends are going to kidzania..hmm last saturday i met my friend raeni.. raeni is from moscow ..she was very nice and very funny of course haha.. yaa it was fun rather me at home doing nothing again ..hhh,. I was looking backstreet boys's twiter yesterday. and do you know what i found??? i saw bsb is going to hold a concert in singapore. and they stop there, they wont go to indonesia..omg .. i'm so sad. i want to meet nick carter again for the second time.. huhu.. i wish i could go to singapore.. i wishh...okeey... btw next saturday i will go to ambassador with my sister to buy some accesories for my bb hehe.. okey.. see you in my next post.. bubye