December 28, 2009

Guru Super Indonesia

gw yakin beberapa dari lo pernah denger nama Mario Teguh heheh.. nah.. dia itu guru super Indonesia... ada acara tv nya ko.. di Metro TV setiap hari minggu jam 19.00-20.00 .. nama acaranya : "Mario Teguh Golden Ways" ... nonton deh.. pertamanya gw juga males nonton gituan.. tp gw jg penasaran.. pas gw tonton acaranya bagus.. tentang mengajari kita dalam menghadapi kehidupan gt... bener2 berguna buat bekal kita... walaupun gw baru nonton satu kali gw langsung ke websitenya dan baca2 postingan dia hehe.. nih web nya : . buka aja kalo ga ada kerjaan hehe.. terus dia jg suka posting di pages fb nya tuh!! hahaha.. oh ya gw suka sama postingan dia yang MARIO TEGUH SUPER NOTE - Janganlah merasa ragu hanya karena orang lain meragukan yang Anda yakini. sama yang ini Mario Teguh Golden Ways - TIDAK MUNGKIN TAPI BISA
wah bagus2 deh postingannya pemikiran dia masuk akal bgt.. dan gw tertarik hehehe :D

November 17, 2009

Pandangan orang luar terhadap Indonesia..

sedih banget kalau negara kita terkenal gara-gara banyak bencananya.. hmm.. contohnya gw.. gw sedih banget kadang-kadang.. waktu itu gw pernah chat sama orang luar.. terus gw tanya dia tau Indonesia apa ga.. dia jawab: ya aku tau... yang tsunami kan?? yang bom kan?? yang gempa kan?? ... rasanya.. kok dia taunya sisi-sisi kurang dari Indonesia ya?? kenapa dia ga bilang: ya aku tau.. yang punya tari Pendet kan? ( atau tari yang lain)... hmm... sedih kan?? :(:(
ya mau gimana lagi.. bagaimana pun gw juga orang Indonesia.. kadang-kadang orang kita selalu membanggakan negara lain daripada Indonesia.. contohnya Paris: aduh Paris tuh keren banget! ada menara Eiffelnya! ih negara paling romantis!!!... klo indonesia: " aduh Indonesia tuh panas banget ya! ih udah kaya kebakar gt gw disini,, mana pengap" hmm... jauh banget kan? hahaha.. woaw! jadi.. gimana dong solusinya kalau semua org Indonesia kaya gitu?? hahaha..

November 14, 2009

My stuff

I love to collect things from the important to not important...In this post, I'll tell you about my stuff and the story.. hahaha..
It is a book that contains a birthday greeting from my friend.. My friends really nice to make this book for me..when I woke up this morning .. suddenly this book was in my room ..My mom said .. My friend's uncle brought this book when I was sleeping.. want to know the contents in the book??
This is the content:
This is a birthday greeting from my friend named Hasna.. cute! :)

This is a birthday greeting from my friend named Raeni and Christie! nice!!.. oh ya actually in a small envelope with a picture of the cloud, there was a ring ..but I don't use .. because the ring is too big for my finger .. haha so I just save it:)
SIM .. SIM is my school in Moscow .. I will never forget them!!! Miss u too..
I was happy .. my friends still remember the time my birthday .. and made this book for me! :):)

one time, my friends and I followed the singing contest..I and my friends were trained by the Russian..I think she's a bit fussy..she's also a bit friends once told me that her body odor! hahaha.. before the singing competition, she gives the tortoise ornaments .. like the above .. she said it was a charm .. yes but I just responded with a laugh.. hahaha..the tortoise is a place to put my accessories...
NAH...the tickets .. hahaah of them is the BSB concert tickets!!! hahaha ... i'll never forget that moment ... HUUUU :(:(...

nah those are my stuff ...

November 12, 2009

unforgettable experience

starts from July ..
I went to the ground moscow ..
I would stay there ..
Initially I did not know anything about moscow
I was never out of the country
time until the moscow .. I love it ..
I have never seen such a beautiful country
.. The first time I come .. I was picked up by my father at the airport ..
moscow is tantamount to Indonesia .. but I feel different when living there ..
in moscow, I will learn in the new school, to know new friends, living in the apartment, and will meet with the snow. I am very interested in it all ..
The next day I was busy with traveling ..
I went to ST.Pettersburg .. a very beautiful city .. full of history ..
until I reached the first time in school .. Initially I was a little afraid to meet new friends .. because I did not know them .. but it was not unreasonable for don't go to school ..
I school in the SIM (Indonesia moscow school) .. I am very curious about my new school .. I imagine my new school is big, a lot of students, cool .. but ... I found a small building .. and I asked my mother if it was my school? and she said yes .. I was very surprised .. all that I imagined was wrong ... My school small, like a house .. little pupil .. then I wondered about my classmates .. I found that I only have 2 of my classmates .. 1 girl 1 boy .. My female classmates rather tomboyish .. I think that she didn't likes fashion, she's like a boy .. but thought I was wrong ..
Day after day I live .. I joined in a group called TC (totally cool) .. member at that time.. we were 4 people (christie, me, hasna, raeni) .. we are friends .. I really enjoy them .. day after day .. I feel the togetherness SIM kids that I never felt in schools across Indonesia .. although I elementary school children but I'm friends with high school kids .. we were all from kindergarten through high school .. friends .. we do not know of any seniority .. we always compact .. we play the snow together, lunch together, joking together, walking together, dancing together, together, play together, all we do it together(except do exams haha).. I am very happy with the life of me .. I am including a lucky child be given the opportunity to went to Moscow .. I think Moscow is a large city .. their language was hard .. their writing is difficult to read .. the world's coldest countries .. I am very thankful for it .. in Moscow I had a driver named Andry .. he's hilarious .. he likes his own smiling .. he's really nice .. average russia unsightly face .. because they rarely smile .. the only person who liked to smile in Russia is Andry (my driver) haha ... day after day month after month I lived in the city of Moscow .. until finally I had to return to Indonesia .. honestly, I was very sad .. I already enjoy in Moscow .. but I have to go home because of my father's job is up there .. actually, I hate the farewell ..
and now I can conclude from the above experience .. that togetherness can be obtained anywhere,anytime,anyplace.. togetherness can't be replaced by anything .. :)

November 05, 2009

how's life?

hey bloggers.. how's life ??
sorry for long time no posting.. because.. last week i had exams for a week! and the result is.. yaa good! i got 93 for math ,83 for bahasa( for the first time i got 83!) hahahaa.. 83 for science , 83 for social, 96 for english! and many more! hehehe..
and then.. for my english course.. i just had a final test 2 weeks ago! and the result is.. i got 85 for speaking writing and reading.. hehehe..
Today is,,, Adhie's Birthday.. he is my brother-in-law.. Happy Belated Birthday ! wish you all the best yaaa!
aniway.. i want to story about something.. maybe you gonna be bored.. if you read my posting,,,because lately I always write about BSB.. hahaha.. because i love them very much...
so.. they tour to various countries..such as: England,Spain,Lisbon,Paris,Moscow,Japan,Spore..
but they didn't go to Indonesia!!! :(.. i'm very sad... sometimes i wish i could watch their concert again.. maybe.. their concert last year in Indonesia is the first and last concert in Indonesia.. but i hope not!!!!!! because i still want to watch their concert for the second time! hihihi.. wish me luck!
my new playlist : Nick Carter - My Confession! .. listen to it yaa :) hope you'll like it
oh ya follow ==> my twitter
i gotta go now! byeee see ya in the next post!

November 02, 2009

The Things I want right now!

First, I want Backstreet Boys come to Indonesia!! I'm their Big Fans!!! Please BSB come to Indonesia.. us people here in indonesia, are really looking forward to see you guys :) especially me !!!
Second, I want watch BSB concert !! i really want to watch them!!

November 01, 2009

Nostalgia with the BSB

"Sometimes I wish I could turn back time,Impossible as it may seem"
yes i know it's impossible ! huhu.. well i wanna share my story when i watched a Concert for a first time.. The Concert was Backstreet Boys.. hihihi..
When I was at school, my friend said that the Backstreet Boys would have a concert in Moscow. I was delighted and hoped I could go to their concert ..i'm their number one fans! hahaha.. Actually at that time, I had a lot of exams..fortunately I could make it to the concert. then i asked permission to my mom. she gave me permission so that I could go to the concert with my friends and my sister..i was so happy. then my friends and I bought the tickets together. Although we only got seats in tribun, but we were very pleased and excited. getting closer and a week before the concert my teacher said that we will be have lab exams for a week.. start from Monday.. The exam time was same with bsb concert time... but I tried to keep watch!!! because that's the first time i met the backstreet boys and maybe the last time huhuhu :(.. eventually i studied harder for the test.. it's because BSB!! . day by day.. it's MAY 21st 2009 !!!! that day!!! i was so happy! then i prepared for all such as: clothes,pair of shoes and the other.. then at 3 o'clock my driver picked us up!then HERE WE GO! LET'S GO TO THE CONCERT!.. at 4 o'clock we arrived in front of MCD... from MCD we walked to the building.. ontheway to building there was something shameful!!! i can't tell this at here because it was a disgrace that people ..when we arrived at the building,, loads of people at there.. then we queued to enter into building... then we straight up into the concert hall.. very tired because we had to ask where the concert hall .. then up and down the stairs .. etc. for bsb! haha..
we finally arrived at concert hall .. we first arrived and we immediately queued to enter the concert hall hahaha.. then a few minutes later the entrance was opened.. then we went straight into the concert hall. in the concert hall was empty because we were the first to arrive.. continued several minutes later there was an opening band sing for one hour... long time.. at 8 o'clock the show is begin!!!!! we were very excited..we all shout!! called : BRIAN BRIAN!!! NICK NICK!! HOWIE HOWIE!! AJ AJ !!!!haha..during the concert we sang happily sing,shout,we didn't care if we sang with the wrong tone.. the point was: we were happy!then.. NICK CARTER IS VERY COOL!!!!! i love you :* .. when the concert seemed to end, we felt sad because we still wanted to watch the concert.. and FINALLY!!!they sang one more song.. the song was : SIBERIA!. after that.. we went home.. my voice was out because last night screaming at the concert!!!! actually the day after the concert i had bahasa and technology test! .. fortunately, test for bahasa was writing and reading not speaking! i was so lucky and my result test were good!!! i was so happy!!!! and i never forget that day that time that moment!! love ..!!!!! love you Backstreet Boys always and forever :):*
this is the picture me and this is us CD :

this is a photo for backstreet boys by me ;) :

October 04, 2009

hunting photos

i wanna share some photos that i took from my slr.. so here they are :

look! aahaha.. ya masih amatir lah..
the first photo: sunshine.. keren yah.. hihihi
the second photo: the moon .. jarang2 dpt langit biru gt haha
the third photo: sunset.. i took the photo from my yard...

October 01, 2009

hmm earthquake AGAIN ?! ck ck ck

well.. i wanna tell you about an earthquake in Sumatra Barat (Padang)..well i know it's ironic.. imagine! building are there collapse, broken! you wanna see some photos??

well see the condition.. so many people injuried,died,lost their family!Trapped or even died under the ruin because an earthquake!ck ck ck...and people in Jakarta that have family in Padang are very sad,worried because they cannot get in touch with their family in patient if your family in Padang and cannot get in touch with them..
so many tragedy in Indonesia..example: an earthquake,tsunami and many more.. i hope it won't be happen again in this earth!

September 25, 2009

selamat hari lebaran

well walaupun udah agak sedikit telat tp : SELAMAT HARI RAYA IDUL FITRI .. MOHON MAAF LAHIR DAN BATIN :)

semoga puasa yg udh kita jalanin ini dapet berkah dan lain2 yg bagus2.. gimana nih lebaran kalian? klo lebaran gw sih cmn kerumah sodara2.. silaturahmi.. halal bihalal.. sama nyekar di kuburan nenek kakek gw... taun ini gw ga mudik hahaha.. banyak bgt loh yg mudik... jalan di jkt lumayan ga macet,, cuman yaa kadang2 masih macet,, (klo ga macet bukan jakarta ya) hahahah...
oh iya biasanya kan waktu lebaran suka ada kue kue gitu ya??? dirumah gw banyak bgt tuh kue.. sampe ga abis.. hahhaa.. tp yg paling gw suka sih kue putri salju sama sagu keju.. enak loohhh...
ya jadi gitu tmn2 kegiatan lebaran gw .. sederhana aja wakaka..

September 15, 2009

makan domba pake pisang??

Haayyy guys... Jadi hari ini gue akan menceritakan pengalaman gue ... Tadi kaka gue bawain sate domba afrika buat buka.. Itu yg lagi terkenal gitu di tv tv.. Pas gue coba rasanya tuh enak lohh... Mirip2 kaya daging sapi gituuu.. Cuman mungkin daging domba ini agak amis hahah... Tapi enaaak bgt empuuukk.. Pengen bgt lagiiii cobain sate domba... Terus gue makan itu pake mayonaise sama kecap ih enak bgtt... Biasanya kan makan sate pake nasi.. Tp anehnya sate domba ini kita makan pake pisang hahaha.. Lucu bgt kaan.. Bagi yg blum nyoba harus wajib coba deeh.. Soalnya enakk bgtt... Oh ya klo lo tinggal di deket2 cinere lo tinggal beli sate domba di deket obonk cinere gitu.. mau tau gambarnyaaa?? nih

another picture.. yg ini dengan pisang goreng:

September 10, 2009

uang 2000 salah cetak dan yg lainnya

hey there! seperti biasa gue mau ngasih tau katanya ada uang 2000 rupiah yang salah cetak gitu sama bank indonesianya.. hmm mau tau kaya gmn foto yg salah cetak itu?
kaya gitu tuh.. makanya kita harus jeli.. klo ada hal yg janggal sama uangnya hihihi... nah gitu gue jg baru tau dari beberapa blog hihihihi...
nihh klo lo masih ga nemuin dimana letak kelainannya gue punya satu foto lgi :
udah nemuin blm?? liat hati2 yaaa...
oh yaaa gue lagi suka lagu ecoutez-maafkan (tak sempurna)

September 08, 2009


jadi..beberapa minggu terakhir ini ada yg telp2 gue ga jelas gitu nomornya terus pas tadi di kelas si nomor itu telp hp gue lagi pas lagi pel lg.. akhirnya gue matiin trs gue silent hp gue terus gue pengen telp dia balik penasaran siapa sih orangnya tapi gue takut akhirnya gue suruh sharyne telp tuh nomor.. hahhah akhirnya si sharyne mau.. terus pas diangkat ngobrol gitu kan gini :
S: "halo, lo siapa ya?"
N:"aku rendi"
S: "hah rendi siapa deh?oh ya,ngapain lo telp2 nomor gue yg 0856??ini nomor gue yg satu lagi
N: "hah?? 0856??

terusss si sharyne nya langsung tutup telp gitu gatau mau ngmng apa... terus gue blg: gue ga kenal rendi, gue ga punya temen namanya rendi ...

terus beberapa menit kemudian si rendi2 itu telp lg ke hp sharyne ! hahhaha

S:"halo,ngapain lo telp2 gue?"
N:"eh pasti kamu yeni kan??? yg nomor nya 0856?? yeni kaan???
S:" hah yeni???? siapa tuh ? eh lo tau nomor gue darimana sih ?"
N:"iya yeni,, kamu pernah tinggal di tangerang kan?? aku tau no km yaa ada aja di contact aku"
S:" hah???? tangerang??? aneh bgt

terus langsung tutup telp si sharyne nya ... ih anehhh bgtt sumpaahh terus dia sms :"ah km jgn boong! kamu pasti yeni!
trs kita jawb aja: " hah?? gue bukan yeni! udh ya ga usah hub gue lg !"

terusss ga dijawab.....
sampe tadi sore sharyne nge bbm gue : ces masa si rendi2 itu sms :Yen?Dh lma ng ketemu j km dah kya gtu.Km skarang sombong! ok klo t m km"
gejeee abisss =))=))
terusss si sharyne kerjain tuh rendi itu dia jawab: eh nomor yeni udh ganti jadi 08180812*****"
terus kan gue blg: bagusss tuhhh tpi btw itu nomor siapa sher??]
dia blg: nomor baby sitter sepupu gue
HAHAHAHAH sumpaaah ngakaak.. ckckc sharyne ada2 aja..
nah jadi gitu lah teman2 cerita tentang si peneror ituuu

September 05, 2009

exam and earthquake

hey hey ! long time no posting... i really miss to posting... hehhee
well.. i wanna tell you about my exam.. a week ago i had an exam.. and the result is not very good.. but not very bad.. yaaa normal.. there are 2 subjects that i have to HER :(.. the subjects are Bahasa and PLKJ.. huuuuu... banyak jg sih temen gue yg her... ya but it's ok.. maybe i must study harder hehe.. btw i'm happy because my math is good.. my score is 92 !but this score is not the highest because my other friends have more than 92.. but i'm happy... oh yaww... there was an earthquake three days ago in jakarta... hmm.... ironic.. tpi sayangnya gue ga ngerasain itu gempa.. karena gue lagi tidur gitu dan aneh nya gue sama sekalii ga ngerasain apa2 parah bgt.. gue tidur kaya org mati dong ahahaha... by the way... bagus jg lah jadi gue ga usah ngerasa pusing dll..heheh.. oh yaa ada pr seni budaya suruh gambar tpi susah bgtttt gambarnyaaa harus niruin di buku dan harus persis.. huuu... susah bgt lgi... eh btw i've change my templates! what do you think?? is that good?? or bad?? i need your opinion about this templates...pliis coment at c box or this post,,, hihihi... oh yaaa follow my twitter yaaw : cesasesa i need more followers hihihi... and if you like my blog,, plis follow my blog too.. hihihi thankssss...yaudah deh gue ngerjain pr dulu yaaa... takut ga selese nanti dimarahin lgi hahaha..

August 28, 2009

kebudayaan negara kita

hello bloggiestttt.. well gue mau share pemikiran gue,,, gue terinspirasi membahas judul ini setelah gue baca blognya christian sugiono wakaka.. eh tpi bener gue tertarik membahas ini lebih lanjut..kan lagi marak2nya kabar klo malaysia mengambil budaya indonesia gitu.. haha.. tpi sih emg bener...ya kita jg org indonesia harus melakukan sesuatu dong ya ga ?
gue setuju bgt apa yg dia blg.. dia blg : "Kalau boleh gw bandingin museum di Indonesia dengan museum di negara tetangga, sangat jauh tertinggal."
itu betul bgt.. gue jg setuju waktu dia blg :"Di Indonesia kalau dengar kata museum kesan pertama yang muncul adalah berdebu, panas, tua dan membosankan." jujur itu gue banget.. karena waktu itu gue pernah ke museum gitu.. tpi museum nya tuh membosan kan ga ada sesuatu yg WAH gitu,,, ga kaya di luar negri yang menarik dll dan kmrn gue sempet nonton tv jadi ada tayangan seputar indonesia yang survey seberapa jauh org2 indonesia mengenal budaya yg ada di indonesia dan the result is menurut gue sih org indonesia ga begitu banyak tau tentang budaya kita.. dia jg agak ragu untuk menjawab.. yahh itu sangat disayangkan sekali..
terus gue paling setuju bgt waktu cs blg : "

Kalau ada pertunjukan tari/wayang di TV bukannya kita langsung mengganti channel tersebut dengan channel lain yang lebih menarik?

Tapi kenapa ketika kita sadar kalau hal yang jarang/tidak suka kita perhatikan itu diklaim oleh pihak lain langsung teriak-teriak?"

itulah indonesia.. gue juga termasuk orang didalamnya loh... hemm,, jadi intinya bagaimna indonesia bisa membuat bangsa nya tertarik untuk mempelajari lebih dalam akan budaya yg ada di indonesia.. kan katanya budaya indonesia banyakk.. ya jadi gitu..

dan kita sebagai orang indonesia harus lebih memperkenalkan budaya yg kita punya ke negara tetangga.. kita bisa dari diri sendiri dulu hehe. klo kita sendiri blm tau gmn mau ngenalin budaya kita ke org lain ??nah jadi gitu temen2 ... menurut gue hehehe..

August 25, 2009


Hellooooo... I wanna tell you I just looked on my congrulation book from my friends in moscow.. When I was looking the book... I really miss them... I wish I could turn back the time... Laughing,gossiping,playing,watching concert BSB together and many more.. I really miss those moments.. Pokoknya UNFORGETABLE memories with all my friends..but the most memorable is.. When we made dance moves.. Hahhaa.. I really miss it! When we shoped together..we wore a masker for our face hahahaha!!! That's very funny.. We wore the masker at fitness room wakakak... Mr roy knew it.. And we're so shy...the point is I REALLY MISS IT!

August 23, 2009

Ramadhan :)

helloooo all.. and WELCOMING RAMADHAN!!

hehehe.. so.. from 21 august until 21 september kita akan puasa !... hehe..menahan nafsu,makan,minum,marah,semuanya! dalam satu bulan,, ya istilahnya Allah memberikan istirahat untuk organ2 pencernaan kita.. selama sebulan.. kita dibersihkan dirinya karena bulan Ramadhan adalah bulan yang penuh suci hehehe.. semogaa puasa gue full 1 bulan ! hahaha.. amiiiiin.... well.. tiap pagi gue bangun jam 3 pagi buat saur haha...trs jam 6 kita buka puasa.. rasanya klo buka puasa tuh nikmat bgt.. biasanya gue buka puasa pake teh manis sama sesuatu yg manis dulu.. abis itu baru solat Magrib.. abis itu baru makan hehe... iyaloh kita harus buka sesuatu dengan makan yg ringan2 dulu ga boleh langsung makan berat2 nanti bisa sakit perut hehee...well semoga di bulan Ramadhan ini kita bisa lebih baik ... eehehe.. lebih taat sama Allah.. lebih bisa mengontrol diri ! heheh.. AMIN

August 17, 2009

the backsteet boys and DIRGAHAYU INDONESIA

hey there :) i wanna tell you about my idola... my idola is BACKTREET BOYS .. you know them??they're some kind of boyband.. i like them.. i like their song,, their song are easy listening,awesome and many more.. i believe you know them haha.. because they are very famous.. i love one of their song.. the song is ALL I HAVE TO GIVE.. the song is very very very good.. awesome.. I LOVE THAT SONG.. i always listen to that song in my ipod.. or my laptop.. hihihi.. by the way..backstreet boys consists of four members..they are Nick (my idola), AJ,Brian, and Howie ! hehe..
nick is the second on the left.. hehe .. he is very handsome.. uhhhh.. i love you nick ! :) ...
waktu gue di moscow gue pernah nonton mereka.. uhhhh THE BEST CONCERT I EVER HAD ahah... they are very energic... sayangnya gue nontonnya dari jauh.. but it's ok... gue tetep suka kok sama mereka hahaha.. i want to meet Backstreet boys for the second time... i wish i could meet them !!!!! ... hehehehe

well by the way.. DIRGAHAYU INDONESIA ke 64.. buat semua orang indonesia.. heheh.. today is 17 august 2009.. hehehe.. hope indonesia will be better than last year.. hehehe.. hari ini gue upacara di sekolah haha... nasionalisme dongg!!.. hahaha.. pengen juga sih sekali2 upacara di istana negara.. hahaa kayaknya gimana gitu.. gue liat yg jadi paskibra anak sma yg pinter2 aduh.. jadi pengen.. haha.. well.. harus berusaha juga kan?? hahaha.. yaa mudah"an gue bisa ! hahaa. suatu kebanggaan tersendiri lohh :P

August 15, 2009


hahahah heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy udah lama gue ga ngepost weekek.. jadi... there are many things happened in this whole week yeaah... first.. three days ago was my birthday hehehe.. and thanks for all of you who congrats me.. hehehe.. thanks God.. because i'm still live... hehe... but i don't know why.. my birthday this year not very excited than last year.. hmm... yaa but it's OK.. just enjoy it... oh ya seven days ago was my sister's birthday.. and happy birthday to her.. wish u all the best.. hope your dream will come true.. all the best daaa.. haha... actually i have a wish... tpi sampe skrg blm kewuujud :( hahaha.. do you want to know??? i wish... christian sugiono would congrats me..but I think it won't happen.. oh ya.. my dad give me the slr !!! wakaka seneng bgtttttttttttttt..... thank youuu dad...

July 28, 2009

hello all !

halooo blogggerss.. lama udah ga posting lagi
so,, banyak bgt cerita yg gue laluin kemaren2 sampe yang akan datang hihi..
oh ya minggu kemaren saudara gue ulang tahuuuuun : andd happy birthday to de nindy wish u all the best.. hmmm dirayain di sushi tei.. disana makan banyak sushi,, sampe pulang2 sakit perut hahaha ( kampung ya ) ga biasa sih hehehe... oh yaa terus hmm kemaren gue sakit gitu deeh .. sakit panas sama batuk2 jadi ga masuk sekolah.. trrsss tadi pagi gue masuk.. pas siang2nya gue panas gituuuu ... ehh akhirnya minum obat daaaaaaaan skrg udh ga panas deeeh hahaha..oh iyaaa lagisering buka twitter nih.. klo mau follow gue :cesasesa... hahaha... oh yaaaa hmmm gue lg dalam misi pengendutan badan nihhhh hahahahaha... dalam rangka apa? hmm klo itu masih rahasia..tpi bakal dikasih tau kooook hahahaha.. ohh yaaaaa.bentar lagi ulang tahun kaka gue nihhh nama nya cinde.. hehee... bingung sih mau kasih apaaa.. hmmm klo ada yg tau.. komen di c-box yaaaa huehue..

July 20, 2009

harry potter

hellooo everyoneeee..
today i wanna share my story about last saturday hihih..
last saturday i went to pim ( pondok indah Mall) with my sister and my sister's boy friend.. we planned to watch Harry Potter-Half Blood Prince.. and finally we get the ticket .. yeah you know .. a lot of people want to watch harry potter. so if we want to watch .. we must come early for buy the ticket hehe...
after i watched the film... i think the film is good. yeah buttt huhh.. dumbledore is died... huhu.. after we watched .. we went to food court for eat.. i ate fried chicken with rice wkwk.. aanddd 2 PM we went to home... heheh...

July 18, 2009

17th July 2009 is a bad day

posting kali ini berhubungan dengan judulnya ..
dan hari ini aku mau cerita tentang tgl 17 july kmrn.. mungkin itu hari yg nyesekin atau bisa dibilang apalah ya buat org indonesia.. karena tepat tanggal segitu bom meledak di hotel JW mariot dan hotel ritz calton.. bad news.. 9 orang meninggal dan banyak bgt yg terluka.. dan sebenernya sih itu udh 2nd bom meledak di mariot.. dan ada satu hal yg sangat nyesekin banget buat org indonesia.. karena dengan kejadian itu MU ga jadi dateng ke indonesia. which is MU tuh club bola yg sangat terkenal dll.. dan mungkin itu sekali seumur idup dia ke indonesia.. dannn herannyaaaa teroris itu pinter bgt ya milih kapan bom nya diledakin pas abis pilpres sebelum mu dateng.. dannnn bisa dikatakan teroris itu hmm menghancurkan mimpi para pencinta bola yg ingin sekali menyaksikan MU berlaga dengan Indonesia All STAR .. yah itu kejadian yg sangat disayangkan sekali.. btw turut sedih jg yg menjadi korban dan keluarga yg ditinggalkannya.. sama yg ga jadi ntn MU ... be patient yaaa....hmm ya trs banyak org asing yg meninggal gara" itu.. dan kabarnya klo sby dilantik bakal ada revolusi nya tuh indonesia baakal kayak iran.. ya mudah"an sih ga terjadi... dan berdoa lah yg terbaik untuk indonesia ! hehehe...

July 12, 2009

sundaaay afternoon

heeeyy to everyoneee..
today is family gathering at my sister's new house.. huaua.. finally she have a HOUSE! andddd otomaticaly her ex-bedroom now it's mine. huhauhaua seriously i'm very very happy! hehe.. finally i have a bedroom ... and now i am at my sister's house... anddd just now.. my sister(cinde).. tell me that finally she have a blog.. hahahaha :)):)) .. it's funny to read her post.. and if you wanna see her blog you can visit ... hehehe.. andd.. i'm very very curious to read her new post.. hahah.. what will she write in her post??? i don't know.. and i will see later... hahhaa... anddd nowww.. my sister and I will make molen.. do you know molen?? molen is lumpia's skin it's like a kebab's skin but it's smaller than it... it's fill some banana,cheese,chocolate meces.. and then fry it.. hehe... hmm okey guys.. i gotta go now..bubyee.. and see you in my next post....

July 10, 2009

the class

hellooo all ! .. how are youuu ? >.< hehe
hari ini adalah hari pembagian kelas di sekolah kuu loh.. hehe.. dan aku masuk di kelas 8.7 hehe.. 8.7 ada di lantai tiga ( kelas paling terakhir) hehe.. hmm cape juga sih naiik tangga nya haha.. ya tapi apa boleh buat.. aku udh ditetapkan disana.. dan ga bisa diubah lagi :( hehe.. trss kata temen ku guru mathnya galak gitu.. wow seems like creepy hahaha.. oh yaa yg aku tau aku sekelas sama sharyne,inez,illa, dinda.. sisanya ga tau.. mudah"an sih banyakk... hmm mudah"an gurunya baik" ga galak" hehe.. males jg kan klo galak.. ga ada semangat belajar gitu .. oh iya liburan udh mau abis.. alias hari senin besok aku udah masuk sekolah ! back to school! wkwk.. yeah harus adaptasi juga sih,, biasanya bangun jam 9 nanti pas udh masuk sekolah bangunnya harus jam 4:45 huhuhu gara" sekolah masuk 6:30 nyebelin.. sejak ada aturan pemerintah itu huhuhu... yaa tpi bisa apa?? sebenernya ga mau jg !! malah ga mendukung! haha.. ah tpi sudah terjadi.. btw.. thanks ya yg udah baca blog" aku ini hehe... semoga kalian suka cerita" nya haha.. .. ooke deh guys.. i gotta go.. bubyeee.. see you in my nexy post yaa

July 07, 2009

eng ing eng wewew

heeeeeeeyy everybody (sometimes the term "everybody" reminds me of something...u know what??? It's one of bsb's songs..haahhaha) back to the topic.. hhe...
eiyaaa.. yesterday on 5th my friends and I went to KidZania huhauha..amazing.. i went to KidZania with assa,icha, and anggi . we were so happy.. I become a doctor,I become a chef,and reporter at kidzania.. wowww.. it's look interesting right? haha... btw seriously you must go there... hehe..
aniwayss,,, today is 7th july and tomorow is 8th july.. oiyaaaa.. 8th july is general elections day.. ehuehue.. and all people in indonesia will choose the best president that will lead indonesia for next 5 years.. it's a long timeee right??.. aniways the candidate is megawati soekarnoputri , susilo bambang, and jusuf kalla.. soo do you think whose the best? haha..
oiya actually i want to share my photo at KidZania with you but i'm so sorry because the photos are still in icha's camera hehehe...but don't worry.. i will share soon.. okey...
anddd see you in my next post bubyeeee..:) :P

July 03, 2009

helloo :)

wekeke,, hellooo :) how are you today ? huehue...
hmm yippiiii i'm very happy.. why? because on 6th July my friends and I are going to go to Kidzania yihiii. hueheue.. do you know what kidzania is? Kidzania is some kind of children's playground.. at Kidzania we can make our dreams come an example if i want to become a doctor, I can do it in this place.. it's very funny... i can't hardly wait to go to kidzania wahaha... if you want to know more information about this place..plis visit or for indonesia area hueheu.. buttttt REMEMBER that this place is only allowed for children between 2 years old and 16 years old.. okey?? hahaha...
you can find some picture about the condition at kidzania as follow:
this is kidzania airport...
this is BCA card kidzania hahaha...
and this is another picture in kidzania..

you want to see more pics?? if yes.. visit

July 01, 2009

new web..

hey to everyone huehee..
I just found new web . the web is : i have known this website for some time ..huehuee.. in the web we can play with fashion.. maybe for ladies it's gonna be fun.. but i think for boys it's gonna be bored hahha... okey guys.. if you wanna see my page in looklet you can visit the web. my page is : .. okey i hope you like my creation. hueuhe.. and i hope you enjoy it. anyways hmm... see you in my next post..and of course with more interesting news..okey bubye

oh yaaa waitttttt... here is an example of a picture i made with looklet.. such as:

it's called : MINTY LOOK!

and it's called : COW GIRL LOOK !

if you wanna see more visit my page okey.. thankyou and bubye...

June 30, 2009

holiday ..

It's holiday now . all elemantary and junior high school students have vacation after they get their report card.. some of my friends have vacation in malaysia , jogja, sydney, bandung, etc. but.. how about me? . I just stay at my lovely home, stay cool haha.. poor me. Btw i'm so bored at home doing nothing. hahah.. but what can i do? maybe i will have a wonderful vacation one day hhaa..but i have planned such as; on 6th july me and my friends are going to kidzania..hmm last saturday i met my friend raeni.. raeni is from moscow ..she was very nice and very funny of course haha.. yaa it was fun rather me at home doing nothing again ..hhh,. I was looking backstreet boys's twiter yesterday. and do you know what i found??? i saw bsb is going to hold a concert in singapore. and they stop there, they wont go to indonesia..omg .. i'm so sad. i want to meet nick carter again for the second time.. huhu.. i wish i could go to singapore.. i wishh...okeey... btw next saturday i will go to ambassador with my sister to buy some accesories for my bb hehe.. okey.. see you in my next post.. bubye

May 04, 2009

karena Cinta...adalah Rasa

Mau lihat sesuatu yang sedih,romantis,horor,menegangkan,senang ?????? semua RASA ada di film ini !!!

Saksikan aksi aktor dan aktris kesayangan ada di Film Rasa ini ...
Menampilkan bintang-bintang ternama : Christian Sugiono, Pevita Pearce, Wulan Guritno, Steve Benitez,Samantha Aguilar dan bintang tamu yaitu : Fauzi Baadila ,Rianti Catwright dll.. Kapan??? tanggal 14 May 2009 serentak di seluruh bioskop Indonesia... So? Jangan lewatkan Film ini karena anda akan tahu apa artinya rasa di film ini .....

Karena Cinta.... adalah Rasa...

you can watch the trailer in this link .. check it out...